The Lichfield Vaults, Hereford
The Lichfield Vaults, Hereford The Lichfield Vaults, Hereford The Lichfield Vaults, Hereford
Greek food in an English pub - an irresistible combo!

Andy's family are from Cyprus and his Greek Mediterranean roots are reflected in the food served at The Lichfield Vaults. The emphasis is on plates to share such as mezes (small dishes) and a selection of platters. As well as our Greek specialities, you can enjoy a range of baguettes and sandwiches, burgers, salads and soups - all our food is freshly prepared. We also serve slow cooked pot roasts such as Kleftiko.

We now serve food every day from 11.30 am until the evening, featuring our new Southern Mediterranean Tapas and Mezes menu - a daily choice of 10 to 15 dishes for between £3.50 and £4.95 each, including ...

Stifado, Kleftico, Keftedes, Fresh Calamari, Fresh Octopus, Chicken Souvlaki, Greek Potato Salad, Tabouli, Pilafi, Beetroot and Haloumi, Gigantes, Tsatziki, Hummous, Olives

Special offer  - Spend £25 and get a free half-litre carafe of red or white house wine.

Our menu

These four plates are designed for two to share - or for one person with a large appetite!
Ideal with a bowl of fried potatoes or pitta chips.

Mini Meze - hummous, tzaziki, dolmades (stuffed vine leaves), meatballs, Greek salad, pitta bread

Greek Platter - marinated chicken breast, halloumi, olives, hummous, salad and pitta bread

French Platter - brie, pâté, onion marmalade, salad and French bread

Ploughman's - selection of cheeses, pickled onions, pickle or coleslaw, salad and crusty bread

The rest of our menu

Kleftico - slow baked marinated lamb shank, served with chips and a Greek salad

Keftedes (Greek Meatballs) - served in pitta bread with salad, chips and tzaziki

Gigantes - butter beans slowly cooked in the oven with celery, tomatoes and flat-leaved parsley, served with crusty bread. An ideal vegetarian dish.

Chicken Kebab - served with pitta bread, chips and garlic mayonaisse

Homemade Soup of the Day

Homemade Pâté and toast

Ham Sandwich

Cheese Sandwich

Tuna Mayonnaise Sandwich

Bacon, Brie and Cranberry Sandwich

Sausage and Onion Sandwich / Baguette

Bacon and Halloumi in Pitta Bread

Greek Salad

Green Salad

Pitta Bread

Grilled Halloumi


Chips with Cheese


Hummus with Pitta Chips

Tzatziki with Pitta Chips

Prices subject to change,
Greek food at The Lichfield Vaults, Hereford

Mini Meze
Perfect for sharing!
Greek salad, tzaziki, hummous,
dolmades, meatballs,
giantes, warm pitta bread

We take bookings for up to
50 persons for a Greek-style buffe

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